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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Two Months Home

Has it really been that long? November 8th marked our two month home anniversary. Dreamsicle has made so much progress. I haven't blogged much about the issues we faced when we first came home but I'll tell you what she has accomplished. When we first came home, she had no idea what her thumbs were for. No. Idea. She couldn't grasp anything small, feeding herself or holding a bottle or sippy cup were out of the question. She can do all 3 of these things now. She still won't crawl but will do the "inchworm crawl". Our girl is fairly timid so even though I have no doubt that she can walk unassisted she absolutely refuses to do so. She must be holding at least one of your fingers at all times when walking unless she is walking from mama to daddy. Knowing that she is walking from one set of safe arms to another allows her the security she needs to take a few independent steps.

It's funny that she is so timid when attempting to master new skills but will hold court with complete strangers, flashing her winning smile and yelling HI! (as long as she is safely in my arms).

She has finally gotten over her aversion to soft toys. She has a room full of stuffed, plushed animals which until this weekend she gave a wide berth. She got up Saturday morning, pointed for me to put her down, grabbed my finger and walked over to the pile of stuffies. She pulled out the largest stuffed frog she owns and has not let it go since.

Dreamsicle continues to delight us every day. She is still such a happy girl. Bed time has become a little rougher, she no longer goes right to sleep, there are times now when I have to go back in to her room and comfort her a few times. She is starting to feel comfortable enough with us to show us little flashes of her independence (No! I do not want peas, I must have carrots for five days in a row!).

We have been so fortunate in being matched with such an amazing little girl. I'm proud she lets me be her mama.

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