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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

My Girl

Have I told you lately how much I love my girl? She amazes me everyday. I'm back to work 4 days a week and she is doing well in day care. When I walk through the door to pick her up, her whole face lights up, she does a little happy dance (she dances as much as she can for a girl who doesn't walk by herself yet) and bursts into giggles. I tear up every day when I see her. She has so much love and joy radiating from her little 15+ pound body that it is hard not to smile when you are around her. One of my cousins described her as having a spirit that fills up a room. That is so true. Her birth parents must have been a couple of happy people because this girl sure is! She wakes up smiling~oh to be able to do that.

I was asked how it feels to be an "older parent" recently. I have to say that my boys probably would have been alot better off if McGyver and I would have waited to have them. This older parenting gig is great. We are both so much more patient with her than we were with the boys. I realize that every decision I make for her is not life and death, I can make mistakes and she will still probably turn out okay. I spent so many years when the boys were small anguishing over little details that really didn't matter. I couldn't process that my deciding to feed them bologna and cheese sandwiches for lunch two days in a row would not damage their psyche. Dreamsicle is benefiting from our age that is for sure. Neither one of us looks extremely old so I don't think she will be embarrassed that her parents will be in their sixties when she graduates high school. Who knows, maybe she'll even still like us then.

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