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Monday, September 25, 2006

Move Along, We Are A Family, Not A Freakshow

Ahh, it has started already. I thought I had read enough blogs to be prepared for this part of our lives. The "people are idiots, pay no attention to them or what they say" part. But I can't. It started two weekends ago when we went out to breakfast with the girls before the wedding. A woman I do not know approached our table to tell me how she had been admiring Dreamsicle for 10 minutes. She then proceeded to tell me that she adopted her daughter from Korea 19 years ago. That would have been a sufficient conversation. But noooooooooo, she has to continue to tell me that her best friends adopted from China at the same time that they adopted from Korea. She said that when her friends stepped off the plane they were sobbing because they had been given an opportunity "to save another girls life" if they could have afforded to pay for another baby and that since they didn't, that "batch" of girls would be killed that day. Excuse me, but WTH???? I was speechless. As luck would have it, my Mom and I ran into this same lady at a store a few hours later where she proceeded to tell the person she was with the "kill the babies" story.

This evening Dreamsicle and I were in our local grocery store. I saw a woman from my church who hurried over to meet my daughter. She asked me how the baby liked her brothers and her Daddy. I told her that she loved her Daddy with a fierce baby passion and thought her brothers were super cool. She then told me that was because everyone knows that the orphan babies never get male attention so they move them from orphanage to orphanage trying to get them ready to see men since if they weren't adopted they would become prostitutes.

My oldest son had some issues while he was growing up. I was his biggest champion and defender. If someone would have made uneducated comments about his condition, I would have been right there to correct that person, to defend my son and to make sure he knew that he could count on me. These two instances left me speechless. And I am so ashamed of myself for not speaking up. I'm thankful that Dreamsicle is still too young to understand what either of these two women were talking about but boy do I have to load my arsenal and get ready for battle.


Susan said...

Unfortunately, at least for me, no matter how many times I rehearse comebacks, comments and that cockeyed eyebrow stare, I always end up speechless and faceless. Something about feeling like I'm the bigger person. Sorry you got the dose of crap so soon. You are Dreamsicle's champion and defender(along with her daddy and her bros). Don't feel ashamed. Choose your battles - you'll need your energies for other things. Someone once told me you can't educate the world. Besides, azz kicking in public with your mom is sooo not cool. :)


Anonymous said...

Unfortunatley, I think it's just the beginning for stupid people spewing stupid things -
I worry about this stuff too, and we are a ways off.
I read a list of comebacks somewhere, of things to say that will stop them dead in their tracks, or insult them and they won't even realize they've been insulted!
I'll see if I can find that list, and email them to you.

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