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Friday, October 07, 2005

Update on Chester

As many of you know, I have been feeling pretty blue about the lack of communication we have had with Chester. We received another letter yesterday which brought the total number of letters we have received from him since 9-11-05 to three. It has been hard knowing that the other moms who I have been in contact with who have sons in the same company as Chester have received 8-10 letters. Well, the mystery has been solved. Mr. Social Director of the Year has been unable to write to his momma because he is writing to all of his friends! I am actually okay with this. They have begun to let me know that they are hearing from him and he sounds great. If he is comfortable enough to write letters to his peeps and doesn't need to cry to his momma then I should probably stop worrying about his emotional health and relax. Letting go is tough stuff but I'm learning.


April :) said...
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April :) said...

You said it...
Letting go is Tough Stuff!!!
Where, oh where, have our little boys gone? They have turned into
Extraordinary young men :)
Guess us Moms have to hang tough & stick together.
Hurry home Dreamsicle!
My love to all...

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